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Silver Enhancer Kit for Membranes

Material Number 5450-0012
Size 250 mL
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Silver Enhancer Kits are available for use in membrane-based applications. This simple yet sensitive system is optimized for use with SeraCare's KPL gold conjugates for the amplification of gold particles. Silver builds up on the surface of the gold particles as a result of the reduction of silver from one solution to another. Silver Enhancer Kits offer low background; sensitivity to the picogram level; and slow, controlled development (15-25 minutes for microscopy applications).

Contains 1 x 250 mL Silver Enhancer MB Solution A, 1 x 250 mL, Silver Enhancer MB Solution B

Product Highlights:
  • Amplifies gold signal to picogram sensitivity with low background
  • Permanent, intense brown/black stain provides sharp resolution
  • Slow, controlled development of silver signal
  • Detection method: Western blotting
  • Stability: Minimum four months from date of receipt
  • Storage: 2 - 8 °C

KPL Silver Enhancer Kit for Membrane Applications

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KPL Silver Enhancer Kit for Membranes

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