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Seraseq® ctDNA Mutation Mix WT

Material Number 0710-0705
Size 1 x 20 µL
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Driver mutations in the EGFR, BRAF, and KRAS genes represent a combined ~60% of all genomic variants driving oncogenesis of many solid tumor diseases, especially lung cancer. SeraCare is expanding its liquid biopsy portfolio with the addition of low-plex (single-gene) reference materials for clinically-validated biomarkers in these genes as ground truth standards for molecular testing of circulating tumor DNA patient samples by PCR or NGS technologies. These products are designed for validation and standardization of clinical biomarkers in CLIA and CAP-accredited laboratory developed tests (LDTs).

The Seraseq ctDNA Mutation Mix WT product is a negative control reference standard.

  • Size distribution similar to native cfDNA
  • Offered as a purified DNA mixture for ease of use during processing
  • Mutation precisely quantitated with digital PCR
  • Single well-characterized GM24385 human genomic DNA as background wild-type material
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities

Seraseq ctDNA Mutation Mix WT (Wild-Type)

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Seraseq ctDNA Mutation Mix WT (Wild-Type)

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Seraseq ctDNA Mutation Mix WT (Wild-Type)

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Product Report
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Product Specifications
# of Variants 0
Allele Frequency 0%
Fragment Size ~170bp
Concentration 10 ng/µL
Fill Size 20 µL
Total DNA 200 ng
Buffer Tris/EDTA (TE)