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Seraseq® Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix

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Whole transcriptome RNA sequencing allows for the analysis of fusion genes with potential clinical utility that currently cannot be detected using the limited genomic coverage of targeted NGS panels. Additionally, some clinical cancer testing labs are evaluating whole transcriptome panels for improved diagnostic yields and clinical utilization for NGS-based tumor profiling test reimbursements. Expanding fusion gene content and higher detection efficiencies will expand use of fusion analysis in clinical NGS applications. Maybe most importantly is that new therapies are targeting fusion genes as clinical biomarkers for treatments of various adult and pediatric cancers.

LGC SeraCare has developed a novel whole transcriptome RNA sequencing reference material for analysis of 22 fusion genes with clinical applications in oncology as analyzed by a whole transcriptome NGS assay. Such assays provide a comprehensive view of the transcriptome with ability to detect known and novel fusions of clinical utility. This reference material is offered as a purified RNA mix with high titer concentration for all 22 RNA fusion constructs.


  • Single sample with 22 clinically-relevant RNA gene fusions.
  • Purified RNA format ready for total RNA transcriptome sequencing library prep.
  • Fusion copies accurately quantitated using digital PCR.
  • Fusion constructs blended into total RNA from well-characterized GM24385 cell line as wild-type background.
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities.

Seraseq Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix

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Seraseq Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix

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Technical Spreadsheet for Seraseq Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix

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Product Specifications - Whole Transcriptome RNA Seq Mix
# of Fusions 22
Concentration 50 ng/µl
Fill Volume 20 µl
Total Mass 1 ug
Format Purified RNA
Buffer 1mM Tris; pH 8