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Seraseq® HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Tropism Reference Material v2 (MF1-20)

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HIV-1 drug resistance has tremendous impact on antiretroviral treatment success and overall health care costs. For clinical genomics assays assessing HIV-1 drug resistance, robust reference materials are critical to ensure the accurate detection of relevant mutations as low as 1%.

The ideal reference material should include a wide range of clinically relevant drug resistance mutations, mimic true viral genome complexity, assess full process variability, and be non-infectious for safe handling. Seraseq HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Tropism Reference Material v2, based on SeraCare’s patent-pending AccuPlex recombinant virus technology, meets these requirements with an innovative product.

Key features include:

  • 49 clinically relevant mutations in a single sample to expedite new assay development or validation
  • Variants cover Gag, Protease (PRO), Reverse Transcriptase (RT) and Integrase (INT) regions of HIV-1 genome
  • Assess assay performance across entire workflow from extraction through analysis with fully extractable material in mammalian RNA viral protein coat
  • Target mutation frequency of 40% to confidently assess Sanger sequencing assays
  • Product is non-infectious and designed with non-replicative recombinant RNA virus
  • Target concentration of 50,000 copies/mL in defibrinated human plasma

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Seraseq HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Tropism Reference Material Kit v2 (MF1 20)

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Mutations present in the Seraseq Drug Resistance and Tropism v2 Reference Material:

Gag Protease Gene RT Gene (NRTI) RT Gene (NNRTI) Integrase Gene
H219Q (CAT to CAA) L24I (TTA to ATA) M41L (ATG to TTG) L100I (TA to ATA) T661 (ACA to ATA)
G381S (GGC to AGC) D30N (GAT to AAT) K65R (AAA to AGA) K101E (AAA to GAA) E92Q (GAA to CAA)
  V32I (GA to ATA) D67N (GAC to AAC) K103N (AAA to AAC) E92Q (GAA to CAA)
  M46I (ATG to ATA) T63S (ACT to TCT) V108I (GTA to ATA) T97A (ACA to GCA)
  I47V (ATA to CTA) K70R (AAA to AGA) V106A (GTA to GCA) E138A (GAA to GCA)
  G48V (GGG to GTG) L74V (TTA to GTA) Y181C (TAT to TGT) G140S (GGA to TCA)
  I50V (ATT to GTT) F77L (TTC to CTC) Y188L (TAT to TTA) Y143R (TAC to CGC)
  I54M (ATC to ATG) Y115F (TAT to TTT) G190A (GGA to GCA) Q148H (CAA to CAC)
  G73S (GGT to GCT) F116Y (TTT to TAT) P225H (CCT to CAT) N155H (AAT to CAT)
  L76V (TTA to GTA) Q151M (CAG to ATG) M230L (ATG to CTG)  
  V82A (GTC to GCC) M184V (ATG to GTG)    
  I84V (ATA to GTA) l210w (TTG to TGG)    
  N88D (AAT to GAT) T215Y (ACC to TAC)    
  L90M (TTG to ATG) K219Q (AAA to CAA)    

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.