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Seraseq® Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Size 1 x 25 µL
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As diagnostic testing for chromosomal translocations and other complex structural variants continues to shift from single-site methods such as Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) and targeted reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) to highly multiplexed next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays, there is an increasing need for highly multiplexed reference materials covering such mutations which may be rare or difficult to obtain. SeraCare continues to innovate to address this critical market need with an updated version designed for use with NGS assays that detect gene fusions via sequencing of RNA transcripts.

  • Single sample with 16 clinically-relevant RNA fusions (save $1000s in running costs)
  • Purified RNA format is easy to use and eliminates extraction variability
  • Quantification of transcript levels by digital PCR establishes ground-truth and simplifies dilutions for limit of detection (LOD) experiments
  • Total RNA from well-characterized GM24385 cell line as background wild-type material
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities

Seraseq Tumor Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Seraseq Tumor Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Seraseq Tumor Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Seraseq Tumor Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Seraseq Fusion RNA Mix v3

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Seraseq Fusion RNA Reference Material

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Variant List
RNA Fusion Primary Cancer HGVS Name
EML4-ALK Lung EML4{NM_019063.4}:r.1_1763_ALK{NM_004304.4}:r.4125_6265
KIF5B-RET Lung KIF5B{NM_004521.2}:r.1_3231_RET{NM_020975.4}:r.2070_5617
NCOA4-RET Thyroid NCOA4{NM_001145260.1}:r.1_1014_RET{NM_020975.4}:r.2327_5617
CD74-ROS1 Lung CD74{NM_001025159.2}:r.1_812_ROS1{NM_002944.2}r.5757_7368
SLC34A-ROS1 Lung, Stomach SLC34A2{NM_006424.2}:r.1_460_ROS1{NM_002944.2}:r.5757_7368
TPM3-NTRK1 Lung, Large Intestine TPM3{NM_153649.3}:r.1_794_NTRK1{NM_001012331.1}:r.1234_2637
FGFR3-BAIAP2L1 Urinary tract (rare) FGFR3{NM_001163213.1}:r.1_2530_BAIAP2L1{NM_018842.4}:r.315_3682
PAX8-PPARG1 Thyroid PAX8{NM_003466.3}:r.1_1253_PPARG{NM_138712.3}:r.246_1892
FGFR3-TACC3 Urinary tract, CNS FGFR3{NM_000142.4}:r.1_2530_TACC3{NM_006342.2}:r.2097_2847
ETV6-NTRK3 Multiple ETV6{NM_001987.4}:r.1_1283_NTRK3{NM_001012338.2}:r.1892_3004
LMNA-NTRK1 Skin LMNA{NM_170707.3}:r.1_762_NTRK1{NM_001012331.1}:r.1290_2647
SLC45A3-BRAF Prostate SLC45A3{NM_033102.2}:r.1_109_BRAF{NM_004333.4}:r.1042_2949
TMPRSS2-ERG Prostate TMPRSS2{NM_005656.3}:r.1_78_ERG{NM_004449.4}:r.124_5042
EGFR-SEPT14 Brain EGFR{NM_005228.3}:r.1_3192_SEPT14{NM_207366.2}:r.1237_3785
MET Exon 14 Skipping Lung MET{NM_001127500.2}:r.3144_3284del
EGFR Variant III Brain EGFR{NM_005228.3}:r.335_1135del


Product Specifications
# of Fusions 16
Concentration 25 ng/┬ÁL
Amount 625 ng (single vial)
Buffer 1 mM Tris pH 8.0

Additional information including transcript IDs, breakpoint coordinates, and digital PCR data may be found in the Technical Product Report.

If you are looking for full-process reference materials for solid tumor which contain fusion RNAs, please see our Seraseq FFPE Tumor Fusion RNA Reference Material v2.