IVD Assay Development

SeraCon™ Vitamin D Depleted Negative Diluent

Material Number 1800-0051
Size 3 L
Inventory Status In Stock
Unit EA
SeraCon Vitamin D Depleted diluent is well suited for assay development and manufacture that require non-detectable levels of Vitamin D2/D3. It is formulated from human plasma collected in FDA licensed facilities and tested non-reactive of and total HBsAg, anti-HIV 1/2, anti-HCV and HIV-1 RNA. Each donor is tested and found negative for syphilis per FDA guidelines.

It meets the needs of the most sensitive assays:

  • Certified < 1 ng/mL Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy by LC-MS/MS
  • Low Bioburden (<10 cfu ml)>
  • Produced in a cGMP, FDA-registered and ISO 13485 facility.

Excellent lot to lot consistency and large-scale production offers a high-quality product available when you need it.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Reference number: 502079