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Phosphatase Assay Buffer (10X)

Material Number 5960-0017
Size 200 mL
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Buffer for use with alkaline phosphatase based detection systems on membranes. It improves assay performance by elevating the pH for optimal activity of the phosphatase enzyme prior to addition of substrate. Intended for use with KPL Phosphatase Wash Solution and CDP-Star chemiluminescent substrate in procedures such as western, southern, northern, and dot blotting.

Reference number: 50-63-14.

KPL 10X Phosphatase Assay Buffer for Alkaline Phosphatase-based Detection

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KPL Phosphatase Assay Buffer (10X)

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Optimization of Western Blotting Assays Using PhosphaGLO and PhosphaGLO Reserve AP Substrates

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