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Onco-Ref™ FFPE Cell Scroll Reference Standard GNAS R201H

Material Number ASE-6286S
Size 1 x 1 FFPE Scroll
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The Onco-Ref FFPE Cell Scroll is a biologically-relevant molecular reference standard that can be directly incorporated into your sample processing workflows to optimize protocols, evaluate assay sensitivity and specificity, and analyze the impact of workflow changes on downstream analysis. The preparation of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) material is a common method for biological specimen preservation. While this process allows for the long-term storage of biological samples, it may lower the yields of DNA extraction, and may cause chemical changes in nucleic acid structure, both of which can adversely affect downstream characterization. Our FFPE reference standards allows you to optimize your sample processing protocols for FFPE specimens, without the need to use precious clinical specimens.

This specific product consists of GNAS/c.602G>A/p.R201H/COSM27895 variant. Note that you can purchase the corresponding wild-type background line (HCT116) separately, if necessary.

SeraCare is proud to be the exclusive partner of AccuRef Diagnostics.

Onco-Ref FFPE Cell Scroll Reference Standard GNAS R201H

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