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Hybridization Bags

Material Number 5960-0026
Size 50 bags
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KPL hybridization bags are used for membrane incubation steps in Southern, northern, and western blotting protocols for such applications as hybridizations and washes, antibody and conjugate incubations, substrate application, and film exposure. Hybridization bags are 8 x 10 inch, 4 mil thick, clear polyethylene bags. They are heat-sealable, resistant to temperatures up to at least 65 °C, and do not curl when cut.

Reference number: 60-00-51

KPL Hybridization Bags

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Hybridization Buffers I Comparison of Formamide vs. Aqueous Hybridization Solutions

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Optimization of Western Blotting Assays Using PhosphaGLO and PhosphaGLO Reserve AP Substrates

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