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Detector™ HRP Chemiluminescent Blotting Kit

Material Number 5910-0027
Size 2000 cm2
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The KPL Detector HRP Chemiluminescent Kit is designed for non-radioactive detection of membrane-bound DNA using biotinylated DNA probes, peroxidase-linked streptavidin, and chemiluminescent substrate. The rapid detection procedure produces results in about 1.5 hours.

The kit contains all reagents necessary to perform hybridization and detection of membrane-bound DNA, except for the biotinylated probe. Applications include southern blotting, bacterial colony hybridizations, plaque hybridizations, and dot blotting. Detects 0.3 pg DNA after just 15 minutes with minimal background; hence optimal signal to noise ratios and blots can be stripped and reprobed.

Reference number: 54-30-00.

KPL Detector HRP Chemiluminescent Blotting Kit

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KPL Detector HRP Chemiluminescent Blotting Kit

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