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AccuPlex™ Zika Reference Material

Material Number 0505-0034
Size 1 x 1.5 mL
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AccuPlex Zika RNA Reference Material is designed for use with nucleic acid test methods that detect the ZIKV 2007 strain. It is has been formulated using SeraCare's proprietary AccuPlex technology which allows for a safe, non-replicative recombinant virus that is similar in size and complexity to the Zika virus. The AccuPlex Zika RNA Reference Material is provided in a human plasma matrix and can be used to evaluate and monitor test method performance. The product is ready-to-use for PCR-based Zika assays.

True molecular process control

  • Targeted to 1.0E+03 copies/mL
  • Stable for a minimum of 20 months at room temperature and 2 years at -20 C
  • Suitable for assay validation, lot qualification, and training

AccuPlex Zika RNA Reference Material can help improve confidence in your test results and assist in laboratory quality assurance programs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

AccuPlex Reference Material

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Safety Data Sheet

Accuplex Zika RNA Reference Material

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AccuPlex Recombinant Viral Technology

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Product Sheet
Technology Packaged Insert Size Analyte Complex Viral Structure Replication Deficient Flexible Sequence Design Tru Process Control
Recombinant Virus-SeraCare AccuPlex™® Up to 4kb/designed and formulated to contain full genome Mammalian Virus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chemically Treated Cultured Virus Full Genome Mammalian Virus Yes No Not Applicable Yes
Armored RNA® Bacteriophage 1 kb Bacteriophage No Yes Limited No