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AP-IgG Conjugation Kit (10 mg)

Material Number CNJ93103-010
Size 10 mg
Inventory Status In Stock
Unit EA

The AP-IgG Conjugation Kit utilizes a novel chemistry to generate highly reproducible IgG-Alkaline Phosphatase conjugates with a simple procedure. Users can generate their own liquid conjugates that are highly stable at working concentrations, and are fully scalable from 0.01 mg to gram scale. Each kit includes all reagents needed to conjugate the stated amount of IgG at a 2:1 AP:IgG ratio. AP incorporation is highly efficient and purification is not usually necessary. Manufacturing quality systems ensure excellent sensitivity, low background and lot to-lot consistency. Kits are available for conjugation of 0.2mg, 1mg, 5mg and 10mg IgG. No license needed for commercial use.

Instructions for use

The Native Antigen Company (TNAC) manufactures and supplies antigens, antibodies and conjugation kits. TNAC was acquired in July 2020 by The LGC Group, and is now part of the LGC Clinical Diagnostics business unit.