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ACCURUN® 611 Factor II, Factor V, and MTHFR Positive Product

Material Number 2040-0038
Size 20 x 10 µL per vial,
Inventory Status Backorder: Available Soon
Unit EA

ACCURUN 611 reference material is intended for use in laboratory tests that detect mutations in Factor II, Factor V and MTHFR genes. ACCURUN 611 is formulated from genomic DNA extracted from PMBCs and reactive for a combination of mutations for Factor II, Factor V, and MTHFR.

ACCURUN 611 can help you avoid costly repeat testing by allowing you to monitor your assay with a reliable source of positive material. ACCURUN 611 is provided as two vials that cover relevant mutations, ready-to-use reference material formulated to challenge your assay, provides additional confidence in your lab's test results.

ACCURUN 611 reference material can help with method validation, troubleshooting, and monitoring assay performance.


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