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ACCURUN® 315 Series 500 HIV-1 RNA Positive Control

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ACCURUN 315 Series 500 HIV RNA positive control is formulated for use with in vitro assay procedures that detect and quantitate HIV RNA. ACCURUN 315 Series 500 is manufactured from a cultured genotype B HIV virus (8E5), that contains an intact but defective viral genome diluted in human plasma that is non-reactive for HBsAg and antibodies to HIV 1, HIV 2, HCV and HTLV. ACCURUN 315 can help you avoid costly repeats and, more importantly, false negative or positive results by allowing you to monitor your HIV RNA assay with a reliable source of positive material.

ACCURUN 315 Series 500

  • A ready-to-use control formulated to challenge your assay, provides additional confidence in your lab's test results;
  • Formulated using cultured HIV virus (8E5), an intact but defective viral genome that is a non-infectious and non-replicative strain
  • Nonreactive for HBsAg and antibodies to HIV 1/2, and HTLV.
  • A consistent and reliable source of QC material; helps maintain compliance and meet regulatory commitments
  • Analytes included: HIV RNA
  • Regulatory Status: IVD, CE, HC

ACCURUN Molecular controls are relied upon by many world-class laboratories to ensure assay performance. ACCURUN 315 Series 500 can help improve confidence in your test results and assist in maintaining regulatory compliance when part of your laboratory's quality assurance program.

Reference number: A315-5524

ACCURUN 315 SERIES 500 HIV-1 RNA Positive Quality Control

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