KPL Immunoassay Reagents and Kits

SeraCare's portfolio of KPL products offers over 500 reagents and assay kits that provide exceptional performance and consistent quality in ELISA, blotting and immunohistochemistry applications.  Whether you need material provided in bulk or in packaging that is ready to insert into your kit, we can deliver the products and services to meet your specific needs.

Expansive menu of immunoassay reagents

KPL products are formulated to ensure accurate, reproducible results and are produced with the strictest quality standards for consistent performance lot after lot. Our expansive portfolio caters to the unique needs of a broad spectrum of users, from application-specific reagents to all-purpose support reagents and accessories.

Trusted provider for over 3 decades

As member of the of life science and biotechnology research community for nearly 4 decades, scientists worldwide rely on our immunoassay reagents and kits for their research. We supply antibodies and a full line of immunoassay reagents to in vitro diagnostic, biopharmaceutical, biotech and food pathogen test manufacturers around the world. Our reagents are integral components of commercially available human and animal in vitro diagnostic kits, in-process testing protocols, and high-throughput screening applications.